Friends, we have an important announcement for you! You can now donate to Brno Pride Week 2024 throughout the duration of the festival! Yes, you read that right – your chance to get our awesome merch while supporting the festival doesn't end on May 18th!

And what more? Aiko, the star of this year's Eurovision, will light up the Zelný trh with her performance on May 25! Come and be swept away by the energy and passion that Aiko will bring to the stage.

Each of your donation writes a story of love and acceptance. Your financial support will ensure:

  • Aiko on stage – A stellar performance that will light up our hearts.
  • Drums for the parade – Let the whole city hear us! The rhythms of the drums will be heard throughout the route.
  • Free water for attendees – Hydration is key and we want every party attendee to be fresh and hydrated.
  • Makeup & Banner Making Supplies – Express your creativity and pride with us!

Donate to and watch how only thanks to you it gets Brno more and more rainbow colors.