Queer kód is a project which goal is to provide space for social and cultural activities for people from the LGBTQ + community and people who support and celebrate difference rather than uniformity.

The aim of the project is to provide safe space for social and cultural activities outside of the heteronormative social framework.

Through our ideas, we would like to clear the way for the representation of the queer community in a presentable and respectful way. Make a representation that people themselves can influence and be a part of.

We want to remove barriers and break down the prejudices that are associated with LGBTQ + people.

We believe in a society that is tolerant and accepting. We believe that tolerance and acceptance can enrich everyone and people can learn from each other.

Within the project, we want to mediate various aspects of life of the LGBTQ + people with regard to differences in age, race, gender, ethnicity, origin, economic status or religious beliefs.

All people with an open mind are welcome at our events, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender.