Saturday, May 25th 2024, 20:00 | 🇨🇿 🇬🇧 Tickets
První patro | entry from CZK 190 | 18+
Organised with Hard & Smart

Make your dream come true and explore the unexplored with us. Come finish with us the Brno Pride Week at the Closing Wonderland party, where drag Alice will discover Wonderland.

Let yourself be drawn into the rabbit hole from 8:00 p.m., at the end of which you will appear in the mysterious Wonderland. You will enter the space of magical projections, meet bizarre guides to a new world and hear music that will draw you into another world. You have the opportunity to explore the corners of your soul, get to know your other personality and fall for it together with others for one evening.

We invite you to a bizarre event full of miracles and adventure.


Alice in wonderland, your dream, blue colour

Main stage
🎧 Kar'Ma
Kar'Ma is your local drag queen who has successfully made a name for herself on the DJ scene in Bratislava and is now heading to Brno. You can expect groovy disco with a hint of house, pop, modern, and retro hits, occasionally sprinkled with lesser-known gems like pink noise. Kar'Ma will get you dancing and ensure a great atmosphere all evening long.
Kistenn, the DIY opera popstar and resident DJ of Brno's Queer Party, is known for his thematic playlists and DJ sets focused on different decades. Starting at house parties, where he curated playlists on Spotify, Kistenn's sets full of beloved music will make everyone sway and warm their hearts. Kistenn feels at home on stage and his elegant dance show will keep you entertained.
👑 Ivory Divine
Ivory Divine, a Brno-based Drag Queen, who has been performing regularly since 2019 and is a member of the Travestie Cabaret Brno group. Her artistic work is a complex process, including Lip Sync performances with precise choreography, costumes, and makeup. Ivory incorporates elements of acting, dance, and burlesque, celebrating feminine beauty and the world that has always fascinated her and to which she holds great respect.
🥁 Tiny Beat
Tiny Beat is a multiple champion of the Czech Republic in beatboxing and live looping, who made it to the TOP 16 best beatboxers at the Beatbox Battle World Championship. His performances will amaze you with his technique and creative ideas.
🎪 Modragon Circus - Alex Mo and Maya Fullpower
Alex Mo is a designer, performer, stuntwoman, fortune teller, lecturer, and founder of the psychomagical constellation theater Divoké Vejce. Together with Maya Fullpower, they will transport you into a world of magic and miracles, where elements of circus art and mysticism intertwine.
🎶 DJ Usagi
Get ready for a set full of love and rhythms! 🎶 Allow us to introduce you to the amazing DJ Usagi, who brings joy from Bristol to Brno with an eclectic mix of funk, beats, and good ol' fashioned nonsense. DJ Usagi will immerse you in a whirlwind of music and dance, where you will feel love in every beat.
Dreamy activities
  • Fortune teller
  • Game in the party space
  • Photo corner
  • Unconventional chill out zone
  • Hard and Smart


For security reasons, entry with backpacks or larger luggage is not permitted at the party. Thank you for your understanding.

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