Wednesday, May 15th to Wednesday, June 19th 2024 | 🇨🇿 🇬🇧
Galerie FaVU VUT | free entry
Organised with FaVU VUT

Come check out the exhibition Queer Ecologies at FaVU BUT in Brno and its accompanying programmes.

Do you miss visual arts in the Brno Pride Week programme? Then come and see the exhibition Queer Ecologies curated by Ladislav Jackson and Barbara Lungová at the FaVU BUT gallery. Queer Ecologies is a project in which 12 artists seek alternatives to the patriarchal and heteronormative idea that humans stand at the top of the hierarchy of nature and therefore have the right to exploit it.

This year's programme offers a total of 33 different events, 10 of which have paid admission. If you want to support this festival financially, you can contribute directly at the event by paying a voluntary admission fee or by using a QR code leading to the year-round fundraising campaign on

Thank you, without your support it would not be possible.