To not get lost, we have prepared a map and list of festival locations for you. 😊

CO.LABS | Kounicova 686/22
Will be the main festival center. Apart from the lectures, parties, and barbecue, you can always come here to the festival backstage. There will be a self-service bar and toilets.
hodně někde | Pekárenská 12
You'll find the Hodně někde cafe just across the road from Co.Labs festival center. It will be the venue for meet-up events like Speed Friending and Speed Dating, so chances are you'll meet your future mates or crush right here!
Kino ArtCihlářská 643/19
This is the place to go for Pride Cinema screenings and the lectures and shows afterward. You can enjoy a nice break at a local cafe or in the garden with free Wi-Fi.
Husův sbor | Botanická 590/1
The activities of the church probably needs no mention. This is where Pride's official service will take place, where we will give our thoughts together.
Artbar Druhý PádŠtefánikova 836/1
Artbar is going to be our main entertainment center. You'll come here for Pub Queer Quiz, theater, lecture, party, and karaoke. And as the name says - it's a bar! So we'll probably meet here with some of your drinks.
RedutaZelný trh 313
In the theatre in the middle of the city on the Zelený trh square there will be a performance of The Doctor by the National Theatre Brno. It didn't fit on our map anymore, but it's right in the center, so you won't miss it.
Knihovna Jiřího MahenaKobližná 4
At the intersection of Kobližná, Poštovská, and Kozí Streets right next to Svobody Square you will find the library of Jiří Mahen. Parents with their children will be more likely to come here, as drag queen Ivory Divine will read fairy tales to the little ones.
Studentský klub U KachničkyBožetěchova 1/2
This place will be remembered mainly by younger participants of Brno Pride Week. Creative meeting for queer people up to 21 years old Filip20 will be held in this student club.
Björnsonův sad
The highlight of the festival, the Queer Park full of good food, drinks, and most of all an LGBT+ friendly atmosphere, can be enjoyed at Björnson Gardens. There are literally open arms waiting for you, but also psychological help. Don't forget to invite all your friends to the picnic!