Saturday June 10th 2023, 13:00 | 🇨🇿 🇬🇧
Björnsonův sad

Queer Park! A place to sit down with good food and drink, play board games, create, swap clothes, and find out what queer is going on in nonprofits and politics.

Parades are too flamboyant for Brno. We prefer to sit in Björnsonův sad on Saturday 10 June 2023 from 1 pm to 7 pm with good food and drinks from Piknikbox, Tří ocásci, and Božský kopeček. Come to drink some cocktails from LEMON music club and vine from Dog in Dock, play board games from the Za zrcadlem teahouse collection. Create something great. Upcycle clothes under the baton of Pluskolektiv. Take care of our body with massage and of our mind with safe sharing together with Queer MUNI, Transparent, Sbarvouven, and Spondea. Let's get tested for HIV and immediately learn more about STDs with Spolusafe. Discover what queer is happening in the non-profit world and what Amnesty International, Pirates, F*ÉRA, or the Vesna association have prepared for us as a surprise. And if you need a psychological support, find Q-HUB. You can experience all this at this year's Queer Park!

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13:00–13:15 Welcome
14:00–15:00 Massage workshop | Aktivity Z
Eliška Skalníková
14:00–15:00 How to manage anger in close relationships | Safe space Z
15:00–16:00 Panel discussion: Barriers in the lives of queer people | Nezisk Z
Moderator: Simona Hendrychová
Participating: Jana Leitnerová (Česká pirátská strana), Marika Lamková (Amnesty International), Martin Štýber (Spondea), Martin Bartoš (Spolusafe), Matty Oaks (Transparent)
16:00–17:30 Upcycling Workshop | Upcycling Z
Vesna association
17:00–18:00 Modern Self-Defense | Aktivity Z
Eva Šipöczová
17:30–19:00 Noise Workshop | Aktivity Z
Asya Sukhina
19:00 Final word and invitation to the Queer party