Friday June 9th 2023, 20:00 | 🇨🇿 Registration
CO.LABS – multifunkční sál | registration required | 15+

An author's play about a transgender woman named Franczeska and her journey to freedom.
"THIS IS A CABARET! This is the story of my life..."

"THIS IS A CABARET! This is the story of my life..."
Where lies the borderline between the normal and the unacceptable? How do you find out, who you are, if every available information source fails you? What is it that you have to lose to find yourself?
A woman has got a vagina, a man has got a penis. Little girls are pink, boys are blue. The prince saves a very unfortunate princess that is bound by a curse to a high tower. He puts her on his horse and takes her to his castle, marries her, and then they live happily ever after.
Or is that all total bullshit???
If so, where are our certainties? What is there to cling to??
How about clinging to ourselves...
Script: Markéta Břundová and the Druhý Pád theatre ensemble
Director: Markéta Břundová
Set design consultation: Kateřina Kábová
Choreography: Lenka Gregarová
Make up art: Barbora Špatná nebo Blanka Černá
Light design and sounds: Jan Laichman
The cast: Jana Filová, Michal Foff j.h., Ondřej Hrbáč, Jiří Svoboda j.h., Lucie Posoldová, Jan Novák j.h.
150 minutes with one break