Wednesday June 7th 2023, 16:00 | 🇨🇿 Registration
CO.LABS – multifunkční sál | registration required

The discussion in which both Czech and Slovak artists will participate will focus on the characteristics, common interests, transformation, and social engagement of queer art in the last three decades.

Is there an aesthetic characteristic of queer art? Does queer art have any common denominators – that is, apart from the fact that it is created by queer artists? Can queer art be made by artists who do not identify themselves as queer? Is "queer" another self-colonizing pigeonhole or a brand? What (if any) forms of social engagement does queer art have? How should queer art enter the public domain, what discourses strategies should it embrace, and how do official cultural institutions in Czechia and in Slovakia perceive and respond to queer art? How have the forms and discourses framing queer art changed since the 1990s? We will attempt to seek answers to these questions in the debate with panelists Antonia Bernadová, Adam Poljak, Adam Žufníček, Barbora Lungová, Ladislav Jackson and Zai Xu. The discussion is organized by the Faculty of Fine Arts of VUT in Brno.