Tuesday June 6th 2023, 18:00 Registration
CO.LABS – multifunkční sál | registration required

You know them, you see them on your screens, galleries or read their texts and you don't know that they live their lives differently than most of us every day and yet the same. Well-known personalities of the queer community will share their joys and sorrows in a debate with Lenka Králová.

How do public figures live after coming out? Come and listen to a debate between Lenka Králové and her guests – illustrator Eliška Podzimková, journalist Filip Titlbach, artist Pavlina Fichta Čierná and translator Jana Kunová. They will offer you a glimpse into their lives to find out what they encounter on a daily basis. Do you belong to the queer community? All the better! Lenka Králová and her guests will talk to you about everything and explain why it's important not to keep quiet about queer lives.