Monday June 5th 2023, 18:00 | 🇨🇿 🇬🇧 Tickets
Kino Art – velký sál | entry from 160 Kč | 18+

Come enjoy the queer moovie night! The irresistible and unbridled Casey makes his way to Sydney to forget his wounds in the arms of dozens of lovers. But over time, he finds that this way of life does more harm than good. But after all the disappointments, can he open up again?

Casey is the epitome of the modern cowboy with irresistible charm and sexual energy. On the run from a small-town scandal, he wanders into untamed Sydney and launches the Grinder into high gear. In the beds of anonymous men and while exploring new practices of physical pleasure, he forgets the wounds that grip his soul. But a chance encounter with a young man named Tebb snaps into life, and both men discover that what they're really missing is a life filled with casual sex. But how do they
achieve it? Are they ready to become vulnerable again?