Sunday June 4th 2023, 20:00 | 🇨🇿 Tickets
Kino Art – velký sál | entry from 160 Kč

Living a fulfilling spiritual life or feeling welcome in the church as a queer? Join the debate with our three guests on the topic of LGBT+ and faith. Ondrej Kolacek will moderate the debate with special guests.

Is it possible to be queer and still be able to live a fulfilling spiritual life? And how about being queer and feeling accepted and hospitality from the church? If these questions fit your current situation or if you just want to broaden your knowledge so you can better understand your friends, do join us in this program.
Together we will watch The Therapy (2021) from Zvi Landsman – a movie about conversion therapy – and then we will participate in a debate with our four guests: Jaroslav Lorman (ŽIVOT 90), Karel Müller (Pastoral Brothers), Adam Marosz and Jiří Hort (Logos). The debate will be centred around LGBT+ and faith with the main focus on the spiritual life and life in the church community.
Our guests will also discuss conversion therapy both within the church community and outside of it. The debate will take an hour and will be followed by a room for questions from the viewers.