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Kino Art – velký sál | entry from 160 Kč | 15+

An exclusive look inside “conversion therapy.” Lev and Ben attend conversion therapy in Israel, hoping to ultimately marry a woman. While Lev struggles to make it work, Ben tries to leave, but finds that the way out is harder than he imagined.

Conversion therapy is revealed from within for the first time. Lev, a 54-year-old divorced Orthodox Jew, attends conversion therapy, hoping to be remarried to a woman. He attends one-on-one therapy sessions and group therapy, trying to diminish his unwanted same-sex attractions. At the same time, Ben, a 23-year-old social work student, seven years into conversion therapy, starts having doubts. In the Jewish Orthodox world, where he grew up, he was taught homosexuality is a fault that one can “cure, ” but upon entering university, he was surprised to discover conversion therapy is considered harmful and dangerous. Ben sets out on a research quest to discover the truth about conversion therapy, but learns that the way out is harder and more winding than he originally thought.