So it's out! This year's Brno Pride Week is approaching and has a fixed date. From Friday 2nd to Sunday 11th June, Brno will shine with the full spectrum of the rainbow for the third time. You can look forward to 33 different events!

What can you expect this year?

The whole event will start with an opening ceremony at the CO.LABS cultural centre, which will include music, dance, comedy and audiovisual elements. This will be followed by lectures and discussions on a variety of topics, a Queer Park, theatre performances, themed parties, concerts, film screenings and the event will end with a Sunday service. The highlight of the program is the Queer Park, which at our festival replaces the march that is typical of Prides in other cities.

"The aim of the Queer Park is to give a presentation space to organisations dealing with festval-related topics, to create a picnic meadow where our target group will meet and to round off the festival in a calm and friendly way. " says the main organiser Michaela Chylová, who, apart from Pride Week, is involved in cultural activities focused on music production and entertainment.

Where will it take place?

This year's festival will take place at several venues in the Veveří festival district. The main festival venue will be the CO.LABS Cultural Centre, where the opening ceremony will take place. You will be able to attend lectures, concerts or theatre performances, and CO.LABS will also serve as a meeting place outside the official programme. The Kino Art will make its space available for screenings and subsequent discussions. The ArtBar will then host a quiz and closing party. For smaller, informal talks and karaoke, head to the Hodně někde café, where the first of the services will also be held. The second service will be held at Husův sbor church.

Who can you look forward to seeing?

We're still guarding the full guest list, but we already know we can give you a little taste. Worth mentioning are definitely psychotherapist Jan Vojtko, Lenka Králová, Caroline Zoe Meixner from Literary Hysteria, Terezie and Zuzana from the podcast Chasing the Devil or Pink Bus.

Do you know our social networks?

We're betting one new thing after another this year! You probably know Queercode's Facebook and Instagram accounts, but we've recently added an Instagram @brnoprideweek where we post behind-the-scenes funny details from the festival, and we've got TikTok! Join us and follow along as we move towards the realisation of BPW2023! And if you're not already on the Facebook event, be sure to join so you don't miss out on important information and the schedule.

Do you want to help us?

We could use every hand and every donation to make this year's festival truly spectacular. Want to help but don't have the time? Donate on!